Welcome to the Research Group Scientific Computing

We focus on research in programming paradigms, languages, compilers and software infrastructures for scientific computing to support users in the process of solving increasingly complex compute- and data-intensive problems in science and engineering on high-end parallel and distributed computing platforms.
CORA GPU Cluster
CORA GPU Cluster
(see hardware infrastructure)

Parallel Computing
  • Programming paradigms and languages
  • Compilers and runtime systems
  • Parallelization and optimization strategies

Cloud and Grid Computing
  • Programming models and architectures
  • Application development environments
  • Data mining and data integration

Scientific Applications
  • Physics, Chemistry, Engineering
  • Finance, Economics
  • Medicine, Life Sciences
AutoTune PEPPHER Project HiPEAC Network of Excellence VPH-Share Project ABA Project SPES Project
Projects: AutoTune, PEPPHER, HiPEAC, VPH-Share, ABA and SPES
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