PEPPHER Workshop @ HiPEAC'11 Conference

2011 PEPPHER Workshop in Conjunction with the HiPEAC'11 Conference

22 January 2011, Heraklion, Crete, Greece



The emergence of multi-core processors with often significantly different architectures and capabilities not only reflects different application needs (graphics, signal processing, numerical acceleration, power constraints) but also a potentially critical lack of convergence toward a common base architecture upon which parallel applications can be built. Ensuring portability of real applications across such differing (heterogeneous) multi-core platforms, including means of reasoning about performance (processor utilization, time-to-solution, power consumption), is evidently a major issue for the software-intensive industry. Such methods must also extend to Systems on Chip (SoC processors) -- hybrids -- that themselves are composed of different types of parallel processing elements. The European FP7 project PEPPHER (for "PErformance Portability and Programmability of Heterogeneous many-core aRchitectures") is an ambitious research effort that addresses some of these issues.

The aim of workshop is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange of opinions and experience on PEPPHER related issues. Furthermore, relevant PEPPHER recent achievements will be presented and feedback will be sought.

Main topics

Workshop topics include, but are not limited to,

1) Methods and tools for component-based software;
2) Portable compilation techniques;
3) Adaptive, auto-tuned algorithms and data structures;
4) Efficient, flexible run-time systems;
5) Hardware support mechanisms for auto-tuning, synchronization and scheduling.

Workshop format

Workshop speakers will be invited based on their recent contributions to the workshop-relevant topics. The workshop program will include a keynote, invited talks, and a panel.

Talks will be given by invited speakers only, and therefore there will be no papers published in the workshop proceedings.


This workshop is organized in conjunction with the 6th International Conference on High-Performance and Embedded Architectures and Compilers (HiPEAC'11) Heraklion, Crete, Greece, January 22, 2011.

Organizers and their affiliations

Sabri Pllana and Jesper Larsson Traff
University of Vienna,
Department of Scientific Computing,
Nordbergstrasse 15/C/3,
1090 Vienna, AUSTRIA
T +43-1-4277-39411 | +43-1-4277-39432
F +43-1-4277-9394
E pllana AT par.univie.ac.at | traff AT par.univie.ac.at