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Analyze, download and install patches for Oracle Solaris
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Martin Paul

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Usage of PCA is free, and I do not have plans to change that. It started because of my personal need for a stable patch tool, and later I decided that the countless number of hours I put into it would multiply their value when sharing it with others.

I soon found out that there is a big difference between maintaining a tool for personal use and publishing and supporting it for a broad user base. Nevertheless, all the positive feedback I received never made me regret my decision.

Still, some of you obviously were impressed and so happy about the time they saved that they offered to do me a favour in return. So here's a list of things I'd appreciate, in random order.

  • Drop me a message, telling about your (hopefully positive) experiences or just saying "Thank you". E-mail is fine, but a postcard will be even better!

  • You have a blog? Why not talk about PCA in it? Share your opinion with others!

  • Tell others about PCA. If you have contacts to people from or close to Oracle, tell them, too.

  • Write a letter to the editor of your favourite IT magazine and ask them to mention PCA. If you actually see PCA mentioned in a magazine, send me a copy.

  • Of course I'm open to financial donations as well. I have an account on PayPal (martin@diepauls.at). Within the European Union, a direct bank transfer will be the best and cheapest solution (I can supply BIC and IBAN on demand). This should work from outside the EU, too, and be cheaper than checks - the fees to cash a USD check are pretty high.

If you can think of anything else, surprise me!

Postal address

Here's how you can reach me by mail:

  Martin Paul
  Faculty of Computer Science
  Währinger Straße 29/6.45
  1090 Wien
Please stay clear of sending me old Sun hardware - I already have a lot of that :)